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Ammico firmly believes that timely execution of projects with quality and safety is possible only if the works are carried out with the best equipment working in prime condition. Ammico invests heavily each year in maintaining its plant and equipment in perfect working order and in procurement of additional state of the art equipment and accessories as per project requirements.

Ammico’s workshop is staffed by competent engineers and mechanics with specialist background in disciplines such as hydraulics and mechatronics. Ammico has substantial expertise in fabrication works as well and manufactures a variety of tools and accessories for its own use.

Ammico maintains a huge inventory of spare parts in order to minimize downtime of equipment. State of the art software is used to keep track of the parts and each item is bar coded for ease of traceability. All maintenance works and repairs are closely monitored and recorded in the company’s ERP system and preventive maintenance is implemented religiously.


Over the past fifteen years, Ammico has executed hundreds of projects in the GCC region and Ammico takes great pride in the fact that all these projects have been completed to the satisfaction of each and every client.

Details of major projects undertaken in any given area can be viewed by browsing though the specific division which covers that particular field.

Ammico works in fields focused around geotechnical and marine engineering. Thus its earthworks capability complements its foundation engineering division when Ammico executes a project involving shoring, piling, excavation and dewatering as one enabling works package. Similarly, Ammico’s foundation engineering and ground improvement capabilities may be called upon to assist in various marine works projects. In the same vein, Ammico can draw upon the resources of its earthworks division when executing shore protection, breakwater and revetment works.

Thus the various divisions complement each other while the company retains focus and a sharp cutting edge in what it knows and does best.

Ammico is a leading specialist geotechnical and marine works contracting company having more than forty-eight years international experience with the GCC region as the focus of its activities since Year 2000. During this period, Ammico has established unmatched reputation for speedy and timely execution of major foundation engineering projects to world class quality and safety standards.

Ammico has the in-house expertise to design and execute a wide range of piling and ground improvement works and is therefore able to propose and adopt the solution that may be best suited to any given site condition. Therefore, Ammico is always keen to evaluate alternate strategies and perform value engineering which may be beneficial to its clients in time and cost.

Ammico owns significant state of the art plant which includes over three hundred units of heavy equipment comprising of diaphragm wall cutters, hydraulic rotary rigs, large diameter RCD drilling rigs, micro-piling and anchoring rigs, vibrofloats for stone column and vibro compactions works, rapid impact compaction (RIC) hammers and base machines, crawler cranes for dynamic compaction (DC) and dynamic replacement (DR), crawler and mobile cranes up to 250 Tons capacity, piling vibratory hammers, impact hammers, grouting plants and pumps, excavators, dump trucks etc. It invests heavily each year in maintaining this equipment in prime working order and in procuring additional plant as per upcoming requirements.

Ammico has extensive expertise in marine construction as well and has executed a number of important marine projects involving construction of jetties, marine piling, sheet piling, dredging, shore protection and construction of breakwaters. It owns significant marine plant including jack-up and spud barges and tugs.

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