Plant & Equipment

Ammico firmly believes that timely execution of projects with quality and safety is possible only if the works are carried out with the best equipment working in prime condition. Ammico invests heavily each year in maintaining its plant and equipment in perfect working order and in procurement of additional state of the art equipment and accessories as per project requirements.

Ammico’s workshop is staffed by competent engineers and mechanics with specialist background in disciplines such as hydraulics and mechatronics. Ammico has substantial expertise in fabrication works as well and manufactures a variety of tools and accessories for its own use.

Ammico maintains a huge inventory of spare parts in order to minimize downtime of equipment. State of the art software is used to keep track of the parts and each item is bar coded for ease of traceability. All maintenance works and repairs are closely monitored and recorded in the company’s ERP system and preventive maintenance is implemented religiously.