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The project is located at Al Morouna village, approximately 90km north of Doha city. Ammico’s scope involved construction of recreational jetty including installation of marine piles of 508mm diameter. The development is used for small boats and yachts.

Project Scope

Work DescriptionUnitQuantity
Installation of marine piles of diameter 508mm & 9.5m length Nos. 112
Construction of jetty (upper structure including caps, longitudinal beams, hollow core slabs and concrete posts for handrails) m 700

The project is located at The Pearl, Doha, Qatar. Ammico’s scope involved construction of marine berth including installation of marine piles.

Project Scope

Work DescriptionUnitQuantity
Marine piles 600 mm dia No 18
Construction of temporary berth including superstructure    

Gas Sweetening Facilities Project is one of Qatar Petroleum’s most significant projects being undertaken at Mesaieed.

Ammico’s scope of work on the project comprised of construction of a new jetty for sea water intake. The following works were undertaken by Ammico:

  • Installation of on-shore & off-shore steel piles of 760 mm dia and 30 m length
  • Pre-casting and erection of pile caps
  • Pre-casting and installation of pre-cast beams
  • Pre-casting and installation of pre-cast concrete planks for deck slab
  • In situ casting of concrete deck slab, wearing course, barriers, railings etc.
  • Shore protection and revetment works

The challenge at the site was to execute the work adjacent to the live and operational NLG plant of Qatar Petroleum. 

Project Scope

Work DescriptionUnitQuantity
Installation of On & Off-shore steel tubular piles of 760 mm and 30 m length No 43
Pre-casting and erection of pile caps, beams & slabs for Jetty Construction    
Casting of in-situ deck slab    

Jetty Boil-off Gas Recovery (JBOG) Project has been implemented to eliminate flaring at the LNG terminal at Ras Laffan Industrial City by recovering and saving natural gas which was being burnt and thus also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The main shareholders of the project are Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMObil, Total, ConocoPhillips and Sheel Shell and the facility shall be operated by Qatargas and RasGas.

The project site is in Ras Laffan Industrial City’s port area and Ammico’s scope consisted of installation of around 1000 m of secant pile wall and about 1,500 number bored cast in-situ foundation piles of 900 mm diameter. As the project site was in the vicinity of very important live LNG and other oil and gas terminals and facilities, the works were executed under very stringent safety standards.

Project Scope

Work DescriptionnitQuantity
Foundation piles 900 mm m 1,493
Secant piles 600 mm diameter @ 450mm c/c m 1,093

The Centro Hotel Rotana Project is a three star hotel development project located in the Bin Mahmoud area on the central part of Doha city. The project spans over an area of about 2,000 m2. Ammico’s scope comprised of installation of contiguous piles shoring system for partial perimeter and soldier piles for the remaining perimeter depending on the neighboring conditions, carrying out the excavation for three basements and dewatering works.

Project Scope

Work descriptionUnitQuantity
Contiguous piles 800 mm dia @ 850 mm c/c m 80
Soldier piles 800 mm dia @ 1400 mm c/c m 80
Excavation  m3 24,500
Dewatering  m2  2,000

Banana Island Resort is world class leisure resort about 3 km east of Doha. Ammico undertook installation of marine piles and sheet piles on the project.

Project Scope

Work descriptionUnitQuantity
Installation of marine piles of diameter 475 mm for overwater villas and walkways Nos. 62
Installation of marine piles of diameter 610 mm for overwater villas and walkways Nos. 28
Installation of sheet piles for quay wall and jetty structure m 60

Al-Saad “C” ring road station is one of the largest and deepest stations on Doha Metro. Ammico was responsible for installation of diaphragm wall up to 55m depth and cut-off walls at the site.

Project Scope

Work descriptionUnitQuantity
Diaphragm wall 800mm m 179
Diaphragm wall 1000mm m 401
Cot-OFF Wall 640 mm m 167

Abu Hamour Surface and Ground Water Tunnel Project is one of the key drainage projects being implemented by Ashgal for upgrading Qatar’s drainage network. The tunnel runs from Abu Hamour to a pumping station planned at the coast near the Hamad International Airport. Ammico’s scope involved construction of a plastic bentonite-concrete cut-off wall to prevent lateral ingress of ground water during excavation for the pumping station.

Project Scope

Work DescriptionUnitQuantity
Construction of 640 mm thick cut-off wall having depth of 34.6 m m 492

Musheireb Station is located at the heart of downtown Doha and shall serve as the hub for Doha Metro. Once completed, Msheireb Station will be one of the largest constructed facilities of its kind. The project is being constructed by a consortium composed of Samsung C&T, Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL) and Qatar Building Company (QBC).

Ammico’s scope of work pertains to installation of 1000 mm and 1200 mm diaphragm walls along the perimeter of the site, ground anchors with lengths up to 55 m and proof loads up to 3800 kN, excavation to depth of up to 36.5 m below ground level. The ground anchors installed on this project by Ammico may well be some of the longest and highest capacity anchors installed anywhere for earth retention works.

Project Scope

Work DescriptionUnitQuantity
Diaphragm wall 1000 mm and 1200 mm (Depth up to 50 m) m 810
Ground anchors up to 55 m length and proof load up to 3800 kN No 1,264
Excavation m3 780,000

North Jeddah Pumping Station is part of National Water Company’s extensive waste water network construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The project called for construction of three identical shafts having an inner diameter of 44 m and excavation depth of 65 m.

Ammico’s scope involved installation of 1200 mm thick diaphragm wall to 78 m depth for two of the shafts. Excavation of the diaphragm wall to 78 m depth through varying and difficult ground formations while maintaining the stipulated tolerance of 1:700 was a significant challenge.

Project Scope

Work DescriptionUnitQuantity
Diaphragm wall 1200 mm thick and 78 m deep for shafts with internal diameter of 44 m m2 10,800
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