Doha Port Re-Development Project - Construction of Sports Marina and Container Park Works

The Sports Marina District is planned to become an energetic and youthful destination for water sports at Doha Port area.

Ammico’s scope of work on the project comprised of installation of reinforced concrete pile and steel tubular piles at sports marina. The following works were undertaken by Ammico:

·         Installation of fifty (24) RCC piles of Ø 1200mm with permanent steel casing of 10mm wall thickness for fixed decks and boat hoist structure. 

·         Installation of eighty-three (83) Steel tubular piles of Ø 457mm for the floating pontoons.

Work Description



Installation of  Off-shore reinforced concrete vertical piles with permanent casing  of  1200mm and 30 m length



Installation of  Off-shore steel tubular piles of  457mm and 22 m length




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  • Year 2018