North Jeddah Lift Pumping Station

North Jeddah Pumping Station is part of National Water Company’s extensive waste water network construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The project called for construction of three identical shafts having an inner diameter of 44 m and excavation depth of 65 m.

Ammico’s scope involved installation of 1200 mm thick diaphragm wall to 78 m depth for two of the shafts. Excavation of the diaphragm wall to 78 m depth through varying and difficult ground formations while maintaining the stipulated tolerance of 1:700 was a significant challenge.

Project Scope

Work DescriptionUnitQuantity
Diaphragm wall 1200 mm thick and 78 m deep for shafts with internal diameter of 44 m m2 10,800
  • CLIENT Abuljadayel Company
  • Client Image Client Image
  • Year 2015