Dynamic Compaction (DC)

Dynamic compaction is a method for densification of granular soils by the application of impact energy at the ground level.

The impact is applied to the ground surface by lifting and dropping a heavy pounder of weight ranging from 15 to 25 Tons. The pounder is lifted by a crane to a height of 15 to 20m and then allowed to fall freely. The energy of impact results in densification of the soil to depths that are proportional to the energy applied and depending on the soil conditions, depth of improvement can range from 5 to 8m. In the limiting case, by utilizing pounders of up to 33 Tons and drop height of up to 25m, compaction can be achieved to depth of 10 to 12m.



  • Fast and cost-effective solution for compaction of cohesionless/ granular soils to moderate depths.
  • Suitable for compaction of fill material which can be densified in a single lift, thus providing an efficient alternative to traditional layer by layer compaction using vibratory rollers.