Diaphragm Wall Installation

Diaphragm walls are rectangular overcutting or contiguous foundation elements and serve for both earth retention and cut-off against lateral ingress of ground water and are an appropriate solution for shoring of deep excavations in soils and soft rocks especially where high ground water levels are found to exist. Ammico has substantial experience in diaphragm wall works and has installed diaphragm walls up to 78m in depth. Ammico owns eight state of the art diaphragm wall cutters and associated plant such as desanders, filter presses (for removing bentonite suspended in waste slurry), delivery pumps, slurry storage tanks etc.

In cases where sloped excavation is possible (and therefore earth retention is not needed) and the requirement is only to provide a cut-off against lateral ingress of ground water, diaphragm wall cutters are utilized to excavate panels of width as small as 640mm. Concrete prepared with a specified quantity of bentonite powder as an additive is then tremied into the excavated panels thereby creating a plastic yet highly impermeable barrier against inflow of ground water.