Ground Improvement

As a leading foundation engineering contractor, Ammico is always evaluating alternate strategies and performing value engineering which may be beneficial to a particular project. Thus Ammico has developed the expertise to undertake the full range of geotechnical works so that it is able to adopt the strategy that may be best suited to any given site condition.

Ammico is committed to providing all types of Ground Improvement solutions including the following:

  1. Vibro Compaction (VC)
  2. Vibro Replacement -Stone columns (VR)
  3. Dynamic Compaction (DC)
  4. Dynamic Replacement (DR)
  5. Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC)
  6. Rigid Inclusions/Controlled Modulus Columns (RI/CMC)
  7. Deep Soil Mixing (DSM)

Ammico can provide an economical solution for any given soil type for which Ground Improvement is needed. The solution can address any or all of the following:

  1. Increase the Bearing Capacity
  2. Reduce the settlement
  3. Mitigate liquefaction potential